Dr. Tatiana Tikhonova. Research fellow

I started my academic career more than 30 years ago in Ukraine. After receiving my doctorate in Neurophysiology at the Kharkiv National Medical University, I continued my research there as an assistant professor. Together with hundreds of my students that I supervised during 30 years of work, we penetrated into secrets of human physiology and the mysteries of organ and system functions. My major scientific interest was the effects of bioactive compounds (monoamines, enkephalins and endorphins) on epileptoid activity of different brain structures.


Seven years ago, I decided to make aliyah to Israel. Here at the Laboratory of Behavioural and Molecular Psychiatry under supervision of Prof. Albert Pinhasov, I have acquired several additional techniques and methods in histology and immunohistochemistry, molecular methods in brain research, as well as behavioral studies.

E-mail: tatianat@ariel.ac.il


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