Oryan Agranioni. M.Sc. student

I started my B.Sc. studies of molecular biology because I was eager to understand why people are becoming sick and how can we cure them. The most important thing I learned in my B.Sc. studies is that we don't know most of the diseases mechanisms, and as such their therapeutics. During my M.Sc. degree of molecular biology, I researched the link between gut bacteria (microbiome) and behavior, a subject that ten years ago has been mocked, and now became very popular. The most important thing I learned in my master's studies is that the medical education is missing half of the picture, the only problem is that we don't know which half. And now, as I start my PhD studies, I'm trying to figure out which half, and continuing the microbiome research with other field of interest in addition to behavior.

E-mail: oryanagranyoni@gmail.com


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