Moshe Gross. Ph.D. student

Several years after making aliyah from the United States, I started my Israeli academic career in the field of Nutrition Science, out of a desire to aid in the treatment of disease. As part of my BSc studies, I encountered Prof. Albert Pinhasov, who made it clear that there is far more yet to be revealed regarding therapeutics than is written in the textbooks.


As a taste of the nearly-endless world of biomedical research in Albert’s lab, I tested the antidepressant properties of a novel therapeutic, and found some clues into its mechanism of action in mice in my Master’s studies, during which a seeming “artifact” regarding the behavior of mice opened the chapter which became the focus of my current PhD studies: uncovering the biological substrates responsible for resilience or vulnerability to stress. We use a truly interdisciplinary approach, encompassing biochemical, molecular, behavioral and genomic methods, in hopes of making a clinically relevant contribution to the scientific dialogue. 


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